Wovier Faucets News

An air gap is the unobstructed space between a wall outlet and an open vessel or flood level of a fixture.   Read More >>

Tap water usually comes from an indoor tap or spigot.   Read More >>

Water with a high mineral content, or hard water, can often result in a filmy build up of minerals on some surfaces.   Read More >>

You need consider many factors before you choose the best wall-mount lavatory faucet for your home.   Read More >>

A faucet diverter is most often used to direct the flow of water from a bathtub spout to the shower head.   Read More >>

The faucet aerators usually used to conserve water and energy and to reduce the splashing of water from a faucet.   Read More >>

Plumber's putty is a pliable substance used to create watertight seals around faucets and drains.   Read More >>

Leak of pipe it will do a significant amount of damage to the surrounding area and the fix may be very expensive , that is why no homwowner ever wants to discover a water pipe has burst.   Read More >>

A mixing valve combines hot and cold water to prodyce a comfortable and saft temperature, which is used to describe thermostatic mixing valves included as anti-scald safety devices in hot water systems.   Read More >>

The systems which distribute municipal water supplies are designed with the intention that water flow in one direction only.   Read More >>

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