Benefits of the Single Handle Kitchen Faucets !


A single handle kitchen faucet is more commonly found in homes today than the two-handle design. Not really surprising considering how decoration preferences have changed. The single handle type comes with several features including side spray, pullout or with sprayer. Aside from the different types, homeowners can also benefit from the following advantages of a single handle faucet.


Ease of Use A single handle kitchen faucet is incredibly easy to use. Individuals simply need to pull the lever up or push it down and the water will start pouring in. It is definitely more efficient than two handle types which are usually in the form of a knob, hence requiring a rotation motion. Many homeowners liken a single handle to a touch type when it comes to ease of operation.




If you’re holding something with your other hand, a single type would still allow you to operate the faucet. This speedy switch from on to off is a highly valuable feature, especially for busy kitchens. If you’re the type who likes to cook then a single-type would be the best choice. In fact, many chefs’ kitchens today sport a single handle faucet.


Different Designs


Most single handle faucets are made to fit in a contemporary environment. The length of the faucet is usually long, sleek and made with stainless steel. However, there are also different designs and colors, depending on your preferences. With the right choice, it’s possible to fit a single handle faucet in with a traditional or medieval type kitchen.


Ease of Installation


Installing a single handle doesn’t really require professional help. It’s a very basic system that can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply screw in the faucet in the spot provided for and tests to see if it works. Make sure to adjust should there be any signs of a drip.


Water Flow Control


Those who buy the single handle type find that changing the amount of water flow is highly easy by simply arranging the handle. If only a small amount of water is needed then they can move the handle just a few centimeters or move it all the way if they want as much water flow as possible.


Easy Repair


Singles are very easy to repair when the faucet starts to drip. This is because there’s only one handle which means that it can be addressed directly. A two handle faucet may cause problems since there are two ways to open the tap. If one of the handles becomes loose, this causes a drip on the sink, requiring a new installation – even if the other handle is still in perfect working order.


Single handle faucets are currently available in various hardware stores, both online and offline. Note though that different brands offer different levels of quality. Prior to placing your order, it’s a good idea to read a review of the item in order to ascertain quality. Also note that not all faucets might fit your sink so seek a plumber’s opinion on what to choose.

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