How to Choose Kitchen Faucets !



In the kitchen, the faucet because of its unique features occupy a pivotal position: either food washing, cleaning pots and pans meal after meal, sorting, almost all domestic labor are inseparable help and sink faucet. Especially the kitchen faucet, and its beautiful appearance has become a small kitchen landscape.


Here is a quick list of 5 questions to consider before buying a new kitchen faucet that might help you modify your options before even leaving your house!


1. How many holes are in my sink?


Unless you are starting from scratch, keep in mind what is already in your kitchen. By knowing how many holes your previous faucet had, it is easier to tailor your search because this criteria needs to be met. One detail to keep in mind is that a lot of faucet manufacturers offer optional deck plates so if you currently have 3 holes, and want a single hole faucet, it is easy to cover up!


2. How many handles do you like?


Two handles allows you to mix the hot and cold water, while one handle allows you to adjust the water temperature with a single motion.


3. Do you need a sprayer?


This question deals with a big part of the functionality of the faucet. Keeping in mind how you are using the faucet will help you to decide if a multi-function spray faucet would be ideal, aside spray.


4. What are you using it for?


This is a big question! Do you do most of your dishes with your faucet, or do you mainly use it for rinsing? If large pots and pans are constantly filling up the sink, a sink with an arched neck might help with the functionality. On the contrary, if a lower sink works for you, or you have a smaller kitchen, something that goes straight out might go well with your kitchen.


5. Choose your style!


The last tip to think about before shopping around is to know your style and your style in your kitchen. If you are a traditional person, look for a faucet to reflect that! If you kitchen is contemporary find a faucet that is chrome and adds that bit of modern edge.


After you have done your homework and are prepared, go to a showroom or a place where you can touch the product, this will give you that last bit of confidence before choosing your perfect faucet!

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