How to Choose the Best Bidet Faucet for your Bathroom ?


There are many styles and designs of bidet faucets, with different features and options. If consider the cost of installation, the expense will be higher, and the faucet will be a permanent feature in your bathroom. That is why is it very important to consider all the factors carefully before buying . The perfect bidet faucet will meet your hygienic needs , meanwhile, which is matching the styles and color scheme of your bathroom.


Two main different of bidet faucets are the sprays and the numbers of handles. One handled styles typically have a horizontal spigot which sprays an arc of water from the rear of the bidet. Two handled bidet faucets usually have a vertical spray, which shoots up from the basin.


Choose one or two handle bidet faucet depend on your preference.  Some homeowners prefer the single handle for its easy adjustment.  Two handles vertical sprays are more comprehensive than horizontal sprays.The horizontal spray has a limited range and may not adequately reach all areas which need to be cleaned.


Some bidets have a combination of sprays.why bidet faucets become the most functional of all styles , because of its horizontal and vertical sprays. Some bidets may also have an air dryer, massaging or pulsing water sprays, molded seats, or heated rims. Extras will be more expensive, so it is essential to establish your budget allowance for a bidet before shipping.


The most convenient way is go to a bathroom fixture showroom to choose the bidet. Consider the number of handles and the style of spray, if possible, turn the bidet on to see how it works.  If you not have a favor on single handles or double handles, you could choose the same style as the other handles in your bathroom. Aesthetically, it makes sense to chose the same number of handles for all bathroom fixtures.


Also, the color and style is also important for a bathroom. The bidet faucet will be suitable for your brushed nickel in a sleek minimalist style bathroom fixtures, if it is . If your fixtures are traditional, a traditional bidet faucet will be suitable for your home style. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so there is no need to purchase a bidet faucet that does not match your other fixtures. An alternative to a full bidet is the attachable bidet faucet. This is an add-on to a toilet seat, which provides a horizontal stream of water from underneath the rim. The attachable bidet faucet may have  hot and cold water, an air dryer, and massaging or pulsing features depending on its style. It is a good choice if your bathroom does not have room for a full bidet. 

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